The Herbalife Nutrition Institute is designed to inspire scientific minds.

By offering expert perspectives on the latest innovative research and late-breaking health findings, and providing advanced nutrition education HNI is dedicated to nourishing professional potential.

Our mission, put simply, is to encourage and support research and education that fuels a healthier life.

As a trusted source of information since its creation in 2010, HNI nurtures the needs of health professionals around the world, by curating quality nutrition-based content that is easy to digest.

HNI offers an in-depth look at global nutritional advancements, coupled with expertise from some of the most recognized leaders in the field.



The editorial board is made up of leading experts around the world in the field of nutrition who review clinical studies and nutrition articles, and write papers based on their expertise.

The Chairman and Founder of Herbalife Nutrition Institute and its Editorial Board is Dr. David Heber. He is also the founding director of the UCLA* Center for Human Nutrition, and has been on the faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine since 1978. He has been repeatedly included in the list of “The Best Doctors in America” between 2001 and 2015. He was also included in the Thomson Reuters list of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014”.

The Editorial Board is made up of the following key opinion leaders recognized internationally in various field of research and education related to Human Nutrition and Obesity.



Dr. Adam Drewnowski – University of Washington, School of Public Health; Seattle, WA.

Dr. Anoop Misra – Fortis-C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases and Endocrinology;  National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (N-DOC); Diabetes and Metabolic Disease, Diabetes Foundation (India) (DFI)

Dr. Bharat Aggarwal – Anti-Inflammation Research Institute, San Diego, CA.

Dr. David Katz – Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Yale Univeristy. New Haven, CT.

Dr. George Bray – Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dr. Hans Biesalski – University of Hohenheim, Department of Nutrition; Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. Harry Greene – Vanderbilt University (emeritus), Department of Pediatrics; Nashville, TN.

Dr. Herwig Ditschuneit – University of Ulm, Department of Internal Medicine; Ulm, Germany.

Dr. Ian Rowland – University of Reading, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Reading, United Kingdom.

Dr. Jimmy Bell – Imperial College London, Department of Investigative Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Dr. John Foreyt – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.

Dr. William Evans – Duke University, Department of Medicine; Durham, NC.

* The University of California as a matter of policy does not endorse specific products or services. My credentials as a Professor Emeritus are for identification purposes only.